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Aevision Sucessfully Attends MIPS 2015 in Russia


From 13rdto 16th ,April,2015, the four-day MIPS 2015 was a global event of the purchasers. In order to develop the international trade, the staffs of foreign trade in Aevision participate this Expo. Our company has devoted great energy to MIPS in Russia with excellent technology of research and development, perfect quality of product and the thoughtful after-sale service, and inlight the great enthusiasm of the buyers and traders in a national network of video surveillance industry.

Nice scenery on this side only.

There are many buyers standing in our booth and learn some about our product with great interest. Our exhibitors keen to explain the product performance. The new product including 4K NVR、IPC, and  SONY178+HI3516A 5million H.265IPC, which have draw great attention of the buyers and traders. There are many other new product, such as the new IPC, NVR with the founction of POE and enterprise-level CMS management software. The excellent quality of Aevision’s products  have been endorsed unanimously by the purchasers.

During these four days exhibition, Aevision reach coorperation intention with many country, such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and so on. 

These years, the developed pace of Aevision get faster, the produce scale get larger, the market share increased evidently. All of these are from the spirit of Aevision, that is, insist creation, improve the quality constantly and focus on the cutomers’request. Aevision have great research and developed technology, and always grap the advanced level of scientific and technological innovation in the design of video surveillance industry. During the Expo, there many people visit our booth, and they willing to learn the product of Aevision deeply. Besides, the excellent product and the thoughtful service have become a standout point of this Expo. Through this Expo, the ‘Aevision’ brand have been further improved. 

With the continued growth of foreign trade, and the increase oversea market, Aevision’s international market influence will be greater. This Expo has attracted many foreign costomers come and visit our company, and negotiate business. 

During MIPS, our general manager Mr. Cheng recep all the costomers with great zeal, and wellcome them to visit our company. We also recommend our company general to the customers, so that the customers can get further information about our production line, and the customer can also learn the direction of our later research and development. Besides, the visitors also make a test of the product’s performance. The foreign costomers speak highly of us, and show great interest in our product. We have reached coorperation intention with many company, which will greatly improve the international competition of Aevision.

These four days of MIPS would be a train, and a development of our company. After this Expo, the customers of Aevision would be increased quickly. Aevision not only focuses on company brand and product promotion, most importantly, the customers more and more agree with the Aevision’s brand value, the excellent quality, the thoughtful sale and after-sale service and the comprehensive network video monitoring solution.

In 2015, Aevision will increase the market development and improve the production to adjust to the changing global economic environment. Besides, Aevision will make innovation in company management, research and development design, products , sale and service to meet the current situation of market and competition, so that we can better service the users of network video monitoring.

Let us sail further with the help of MIPS, to create new brilliance of forengn trade.

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