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Aevision Successfully Attend 48th ISC West 2015 in Las Vegas, US


During the 14thto 17thin April,2015, Aevision attend the ISC West Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas in US with many new products.

ISC West, the biggest security industry event. The indestry insiders have always regarded the International Security eExpo of American West as the guide of American security industry.

The new products of Aevision including 4K NVR、IPC and SONY178+HI3516A 5MP H.265 IPC, which have draw great attention of the visitors and buyers, especially the i8s super protocol, and the plug and play function of IPC and NVR. It changes the connect definition of traditional IPC, this IPC does not need IP, which acclaim the interest of the American cultomer. In this Expo, aevision shows its new IPC, the NVR with the founction of POE, suit of NVR+IPC and Cascade CMS management software.The excellent quality of Aevision’s pruduct  have been endorsed unanimously by customers. 

In this 5 years, Aevision as the active Chinaness strength in the International Security Expo, many customer catch this opportunity to get a close contact with Aevision and at the same time cummunicate about the direction of the product, industrial solutions and the issue of the after-sale technical support. 

In order to enchance the customers’s experience and enjoy the convenience of technology, Aevision use the final experience as the research and development direction. Aevision may focus on the embedded structure, create the i8s super protocol, mini I, NVR II and  the Cascade theCMS centralized management softwarewith unlimited capability, combination casual, simple and lightweight.

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